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Seeking Gentlemen And Lady Friends

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Seeking Gentlemen And Lady Friends
Hello. I'am Anna.i would like to make Christian friends.write me on .you are welcome

Seeking Gentlemen And Lady Friends
Hello.i'am Gracia.i would like to make Christian ?mail is

Seeking Gentlemen And Lady Friends
Hello everyone ...just joined today 30 /11//2017.i have put the date on because the emails I have just read seem old and out of date ..Do forgive me if I am wrong ..

I am looking for potential travel mates .both ladies or men .

I have already done some extensive travell but I intend to do lots more as I have no committments .

I am 68 years young ' recently lived in Spain for 4 years so I am into spanish .
Come on let's get together and enjoy what life we have left '

I have booked up to go away on a cruise for Xmas and the new year and a world cruise following on from that for about 5 months .anyone wants to come ?

I wait to hear from anyone and everyone .ladies and gentlemen
God bless xxx

Seeking Gentlemen And Lady Friends
Hello I am looking for someone to go to shows or a meal with me in the Merseyside. I am 68 a young 68 ha. My partner passed away last year. I now find I am alone. I do have family but I live alone. I would like to met up at least once a week. I cant think of anything more to add. I am sure I shall later ha.

Seeking Gentlemen And Lady Friends
My husband of many years died a few months ago and I can't bear being alone. I would love to meet a friend - either male or female - around 75 who is interested in animal rights and politics. It would be nice to meet up two or three times a week either at home or at a restaurant. (I'm a vegan).
I now find myself sitting glued to the TV which I never did before. It's such a waste of precious time, although I really enjoy "good" programmes such as science, the cosmos, philosophy etc.

Seeking Gentlemen And Lady Friends
Very tall, previously dark, allegedly handsome, 54 year old, non-smoking Virgo gent, residing south of Haslemere, Hampshire, keen to meet ladies or gents seeking an intelligent educated articulate companion. (Posted: Friday 25th November 2016).

Seeking Gentlemen And Lady Friends
Hello . I am new here and hope found new friends .we can talk abbout all help eachother with a good words .learn eachother from life .i am Elena .i live in Romania and i have 30 years old . I not have a good life but i am possitive and i am sure all will be ok . I love animals so much .i help how much i can animals from outside who are alone on street .are a lot here .And i want have friends Not mather the age .

Seeking Gentlemen And Lady Friends
Married couple,late60s quiet living, both NON-SMOKERS,occasional drinkers would like to meet similar aged couple.
We have a variety of interests including reading, music, photography, cars,plus trying to enjoy life. We live
in central Scotland and have our own transport. In the first instance we would welcome the opportunity to chat to find out if we might be compatible, so if you're interested please contact us.Thanks for reading our request.

Seeking Gentlemen And Lady Friends
Hello: I am 48yrs old and just want to say I am a "Straight"., but hoping to make male and female friends. I worked hard all my life, as a single parent, in Canada..where there is too much snow and cold, and my body will not allow me to stay here much, if you are all alone and are seeking not just a companion, but a friend..someone you can share memories with and have fun with or just sit back and have some R&R...., Lets I am both USA and Canadian citizen....and would love to travel south of the Border.....and yes even go Tropical SOUTH....

Seeking Gentlemen And Lady Friends
am a 25yrs guy from the gambia looking forward to meet those visiting the gambia I will be very greatfull to hookup with you..if intrested add me on facebook name ( oozada diawara) or whatsapp me here +2203876737

Seeking Gentlemen And Lady Friends
Hi lady 60+.I enjoy my own company and have many friends, however they are either married (life is full of couples) or not really the types to enjoy visits to the theater or dinner and drinks out!
I enjoy a drink,probably daily, but not to excess, I don't smoke but don't mind those that do as long as they are considerate. So it would be nice e to get to know someone who is pretty spontaneous
and who likes to laugh a lot.
Most of the previous ads are pretty old I am writing this July 2015.

Seeking Gentlemen And Lady Friends
Hello I am a 60+ lady living in southampton. I have many friends but most either married or boring!!! I enjoy my own company but it would be nice from time to time to go out for drinks/dinner/holiday with a like minded person.
I drink most days but not excessably I do not smoke but have no objection to those who do, as long as they are considerate
Most of the previous adverts I`ve looked at are pretty old, last one was 2014. So this is written in July 2015.

Southampton based
If any of the above is of interst pls e-mail me :

Seeking Gentlemen And Lady Friends
59 year old black lady in Bedfordshire seeks kind friends UK wide email/snail mail/telephone, later perhaps visits, intermittent shopping trips, holidays, days out etc.

Seeking Gentlemen And Lady Friends
I am a very presentable lady of mature years,very young at heart.I would love to meet a lady or gentle man in the South Yorkshire area to share holidays and friendship with.Enjoy travelling abroad but would love to be able to just have contact with someone.Have all my faculties and really enjoy a good laugh.Like the occasional drink and willing to travel anywhere.Thinking of a holiday in Cyprus,maybe September time.Fingers crossed I get some replys, thanks.

Seeking Gentlemen And Lady Friends

Seeking Gentlemen And Lady Friends
Hello -(July 2014) I would be interested to hear from others who might like to join me in holidaying in the UK or abroad. I am a 61 year old female. Intelligent, and good company, so do please make that break, and contact me.

Seeking Gentlemen And Lady Friends
I am a retired Commodore, 60 years old and lonely. I am looking for like minded good humoured hassle free friends(ladies and gents welcome to contact me)for company to travel around the world as mutually convenient. I will try my best to ensure that you have good holidays with me.

Any person interested in holidaying with me may please write to

Thank you

Seeking Gentlemen And Lady Friends
Hi i'm a young at heart 60+ single lady looking for new friends to go on trips and holidays with.I have a good sense of humour and very easy going.

Seeking Gentlemen And Lady Friends
I love poetry, theatre, reading and walking, taking in scenery and sharing stories or life events and day to day. I am a member of the XH 558 Vulcan to the Sky fund as I love Air Shows, and photography. I love to talk to people an make new friends, I love to laugh, I spend a lot of time alone due to my unsociable hours employment, so please get in touch, as happiness goes a long, long way.

Seeking Gentlemen And Lady Friends

Seeking Gentlemen And Lady Friends
I am a young minded 65 year old divorcee, I live in Buckinghamshire & would love to meet either a lady or gentleman for coffee/days out & maybe holidays. I prefer the outdoors to craft, don't mind galleries & museums but am not a connoisseur! I like to watch rowing,sailing,rugby & tennis.
My other interests are travel,dining out,theatre,music,walking.I look forward to hearing from you! Sept 2013

Seeking Gentlemen And Lady Friends

I am a single retired female, age 59, young attitude. Looking for a travel partner male or female to enjoy holidays. Prefer hotels some where warm and to visit places of architecural interest. Find it difficult to book single holidays without paying mega supplements for somewhere decent.
If you came across my profile and just looking for a penpal please contact.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Seeking Gentlemen And Lady Friends
Hi I am looking for e-mail pen/ friends I am 54 and separated after many years of marriage I am feeling a little lost and lonely at the moment and need some distraction. I love Music, my favourite is country, I love Horses/pets. I live by the sea in west sussex, though I am a Londoner born and bred. anyone who would like to chat all emails answered.


Seeking Gentlemen And Lady Friends
I am 68, a dog owner, and would like to meet a companion for dog walking, outings, friendship etc. I am lonely right now, can be shy until I get to know people. I love walks in the country, reading, computers, crafts, tv. I live in the York area and would love to hear from any like minded dog lovers.

Seeking Gentlemen And Lady Friends
I am a 68 year old woman looking to make some new friends. I have quite a few old ones whom I love dearly but mostly they don't like travelling and I do.
I live in the southern part of England at the moment but I have decided that 2012 is the year for fresh starts.
2011 was not a good year for me as my lovely husband died. However he would be the first to tell me to get out there and get on with things!!

So here goes.......

Seeking Gentlemen And Lady Friends
My name is pauline and i am 65 years old with a young outlook. I would describe myself as genuine and honest. I would love love to meet people around my age for freindship and holidays as it is not much fun on your own.I enjoy music, gardening, and the simple things in life. I also enjoy holidays abroad in the sun, and would especialy love to go to dubai and cuba if i could find anyone to go with me, but of course the would pay for themselfs.I have spent the last 15 years on my own since my partner died and decided that I should enjoy the rest of my life and find new freinds and live a little.We are in July 2010 and it is my birthday on the 14th of july and that is why I have decided to join up and look to a better future fo myself. I have a lovely 3 year old springer spaniel and her name is cookie, and she is beautiful.
I hope that when you read this you will get in touch, as there must be a lot of people out there who would like to meet some freinds instead of looking at the 4 walls day in and and day out. I would just like to say whoever you are or where ever you are you I hope that you can all find what you are looking for.
All the best to everyone for now.
I forget to mention that I live in east sussex.
Best wishes to all of you
Your freind


Seeking Gentlemen And Lady Friends
I am an American woman in early 40's looking for someone to interact with. I am an art gallery owner in the heartland-not a good place for selling art. I am now trying to sell insurance to make ends meet. I would like to "talk" to people who may be able to restore my sense of humor. I do have a lot of baggage but also am very clever and entertaining around the right people. I am married and don't want to muddy the waters with romance. If you want to bounce some ideas over the water, send me a note.

Seeking Gentlemen And Lady Friends
I am a young 80 yr.old, widowed 18 months ago and would love to meet someone to go out and about with and maybe holidays.
My intersets are, gardening, photography, arts and crafts,nature,the countryside,eating out,Scrabble, playresding,using the computer etc.
I live in North London on the borders of Hertfordshire.

Seeking Gentlemen And Lady Friends
I am planning to travel to Cancun, Mexico in June 2007. Wanted 1-2 persons, to share expences. I am a keen seashell collector but also want to see the Myan ruins. travel date flexable. Non smoker preferred. Must be easy going, enjoy eating out, with a sense of adventure. age 40/50 ish.

Seeking Gentlemen And Lady Friends
lady 58, loves france, seeking like minded individual to share holidays in the dordogne area.

sign on the World war

Seeking Gentlemen And Lady Friends
Looking for friendship


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