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Lady Seeking A Lady Friend

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Lady Seeking A Lady Friend
hi there,
I am a 62 year old African lady, a retired nurse, I am looking for a female companion for holidays in Britain and abroad,
I like to travel and see new places, but it is not much fun on my own. I am a little bit shy and quiet but once I get to know someone I open up and become a good friend. I currently want to travel to Dubai, if anybody is looking to travel there and need some company, I am here.

Lady Seeking A Lady Friend
Hi, I'm a straight female living in Rochdale, Greater Manchester with my two cats. I'm looking for straight female friends, who are into all things mythical and spiritual like me. I'm mad about archangels; unicorns; crystals; psychic art; angel oracle cards/tarot cards; auras and I'm a developing psychic/medium. I also enjoy reading, watching TV, listening to all types of music, eating out, cinema, theatre, shopping, live music and making cards. I look forward to hearing from you.

Lady Seeking A Lady Friend

Lady Seeking A Lady Friend
I'm 63 year old straight female looking for female companion to go to Kenya with. Anytime of the year is fine. My partner doesn't like wild animals or much heat so either I go alone or find somebody to share the holiday with. I live in Suffolk.

Lady Seeking A Lady Friend
Wanted: Very special lady 40+ with integrity for live in friend, companion and helper to assist with founding small eco conscious, support community near Bournemouth

Looking for all of the above to be a live in companion, friend and helper for a young minded lady, (with less physical strength and anxiety), mid 50's, going through a challenging menopause alone.

Me: Lots of enthusiasm, plans and ideas for establishing a permanent warm, loving, supportive, nurturing, community, of mostly women, to convert to off grid/eco living from a detached, suburban house with small garden, growing clean food organically and holding the view that won't rule out possibly moving to new premises if feasible in the future.

The most important first step is to carefully find the right 4 to maybe 6 ladies and build a strong, close, nurturing relationship with each other on which to base the rest of the community on.

Building or buying a camper van is also important for joint adventures and the possibility of visiting existing communities for ideas and experience.

You: Strong, easy going lady, 40+, energetic, warm, loving, nurturing, positive, practical, can be spiritual, with energy to assist me in organising myself and the house and garden and to help with founding the rest of our amazing "chosen family" group.

Lady Seeking A Lady Friend
I am a 67 yrs. old fit and active lady who loves travelling and seeing new places.I am looking for a similar lady as my husband doesnt enjoy travelling far. I am particularly interested in travelling to Russia during the wintertime 2017/18.I am a quiet easy going person.I live in the Manchester area but no matter if you dont live near. If anyone out there is interested please get in touch.

Lady Seeking A Lady Friend
I am a 56-year old indian woman seeking an english holiday friend ( female ).
I live in Mumbai.
I am interested in travelling in Goa ( historical sites ... national parks ... sea bathing ... ) for a period of two weeks - May or June.
I originally come from Goa and know it quite well, having periodically visited Goa from childhood.
I would prefer someone with my interests - literature ( I am myself a fiction writer ),history,art ...
Goa is lovely and there is a lot to explore.

Lady Seeking A Lady Friend
Hi I am a lady age 65 quite fit and healthy I am married but my husband is always at work and is not interested in doing any short or long breaks.
I have 2 separate weeks holiday with my husband each year,so I'm hoping to do a few short breaks to start off with perhaps Europe.I am very easy going,don't smoke but I enjoy a glass of vino now and then.
My friends travel with their husbands,I have gone on holiday on my own before but it's not much fun.
So if there is anyone who thinks they are similar to me please get in touch.
I live in Berkshire (near Ascot) so it would be good if you lived near so we could meet up.thank you.

Lady Seeking A Lady Friend
Hi I'm linda 42 years old I'm looking for some new friends. I've acute anxiety depression I'm fun loving love my dog xxx

Lady Seeking A Lady Friend
I am 59 straight female would like similar female to share holday abroad with.most holidays considered but ocean cruises or hiking!
My main interest is history and amber countries.

Lady Seeking A Lady Friend
I am 59 year old straight female and would like female of similar position to share holidays abroad with.
I prefer touring or beach holidays with more sightseeing than soaking up the sun.Too much walking is out for me but normal casual ones are ok.I would consider river cruises although not been on any before!
Please contact me and we can discuss,I have a few in my bucket list but have visited a lot of places!

Lady Seeking A Lady Friend
Privately educated, based in Oxfordshire and self-employed. Confident, warm, friendly, slim, well spoken with a relaxed but smart dress sense. Ended up in Oxfordshire which is not where I was born or grew up. So my close childhood friends,I have two, are not on the doorstep for those times when you need close friends or you want to share something special. Family are all over the UK/globe so I'm looking for a STRAIGHT lady 50-60, single, divorced or widowed, definitely a lady who's smart, educated, nicely spoken yet equally warm and genuine with a fun nature. An animal lover a must as I adore animals. I'm a fairly private person, NOT reclusive, but someone who enjoys company enormously then likes time to recharge away from people. Simple things in life can be great when shared, whether it's that supportive chat to share's life's ups and downs or night out for dinner at some lovely restaurant, the theater, a walk through the countryside or perhaps an evening in watching a film. It's a friendship I'm looking to build, to be supportive and be supported, to have that trust true friends have. So if you're someone who's looking to trek in Himalayas or bungee jump of Brooklyn Bridge, it's not going to be with me. I'm simply looking to share the simple things that for me are the foundations of life, after that, well lets see. I would just like to build a friendship with a like minded lady. A business or professional lady would be ideal. As a non-driver if you don't mind driving or travelling, London or the surrounding counties would be fine with me. I enjoy walking,a bit of cooking, animals, tennis, jogging, food, yes love my food, eating out, a G&T or a PIMMS, but for me it's mostly about being with friends whatever we may be doing.

Lady Seeking A Lady Friend
I live in a small coastal town in Norfolk and looking for active friends for walking, theatre, dining in and out, holiday.
I am happy go lucky with a great sense of humour and want to live every day to the full. 2017.

Lady Seeking A Lady Friend
52. Years old female seeking straight. Female for. Hoildays. Love. Travelling to turkey. I have a good sence of humour. Would like to think I am easy to get. Along with

Lady Seeking A Lady Friend
hi my name is mauvy I am looking for a like minded lady for holidays and fun days out,I am 63 yrs old and live in the south wales area

Lady Seeking A Lady Friend
Hello my name is mauvy. I am 63 years of age and I am looking for a like minded female for holidays, cruises and a good laugh together. I live in south wales.

Lady Seeking A Lady Friend
Stockpor lady. Quite new to the area. Seeking female friends for days out shopping holidays from the greater Manchester or Cheshire areas.

I am in my 50s & work full time. Would like company for nights out coffee etc?

I am divorced & a straight female just looking for companionships

Lady Seeking A Lady Friend
I am a straight lady, not gay. I am 78 years old. Widowed and very lonely. I would love to meet a lady who lives in Kings Lynn. Norfolk.
To go for coffee at home or out, maybe day trips.
I need someone to chat, laugh with.
You can email me
It would be so wonderful to live again.
March 2016

Lady Seeking A Lady Friend
Hi i am in my 60s v.g.s.h a am looking for a friend to go on holidays with,i am gay and i have a partner,she feels she can not fly no more so i just what a friend to holiday with that could be in the same boat as me. Thanks in Warwickshire.

Lady Seeking A Lady Friend
straight lady 61 active wants weekends away, watch bands,shopping time with out grandkids sometimes.

Lady Seeking A Lady Friend
Dear Ladies,


My name is Monica. I am the CEO & Founder of

The goal of Holiday Chaperone is to infuse a positive mind set into the lives of all women by giving them support to help and regain the much needed balance in their lives, be it young women, middle aged, or older.

A fully chaperoned, comfortable, and managed holiday service where women of all ages can join and find some me time. After all, it is not selfish to love yourself, to take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. In fact, it's necessary.

Support, Assurance and Guidance at every step of your holiday. The journey and service will instil bravery and the inner strength for you to do something different for yourself and without burdening loved ones. It will offer contentment and reinvigorate your desire for life and most importantly, relax and revitalize you in order to return to daily life fully refreshed and until your next adventure.

The beauty of this service is that you do not have to seek out a companion, someone to lean on, someone to arrange the tickets, research the destination or the hotel, or to ensure that you are safe, but you just decide to travel either as an individual or with lots of female friends and Holiday Chaperone shall do the rest by offering even pre-set dates of travel which you select.

Women in all communities, European, Turkish, Chinese, Bangladeshis, Indians, Pakistanis, Sri-Lankan, Middle Eastern, ladies of all cultures are welcome in embracing Grandmothers, Mothers, Aunties, Girl Friends, Sisters, and Daughters in Celebrating a Chaperoned Women Holiday.

Please contact me on 07508 699655 and join Holiday Chaperone for our first group holiday in Oct 2015 to Ras Al-Khaimah, UAE.

Looking forward to meeting you all.

Thank you
Monica Choudhury
CEO & Founder

Lady Seeking A Lady Friend

Lady Seeking A Lady Friend
I am a young 57 totally Straight Lady seeking the friendship of a similar ladies for outings, coffee, shopping, nights out,chats etc. I am very sociable and enjoy a good laugh. I am in Leicestershire, so if there is anyone out there in that area please contact me.

Lady Seeking A Lady Friend
I am a young 55 year old who is separated
and my children have grown up and married,
I have a good sense of humour, honest, reliable,and caring lady. I would love to meet new friends to go shopping with, nights out, holidays, and to have a chat with.I am from manchester, so if there is anybody near to me please contact me. hope to hear from you soon.

Lady Seeking A Lady Friend
Aged 61 and now retired. I am an intelligent,non smoking,smart lady.(straight). I was widowed nearly three years ago, and would love to hear from someone in the same situation, who might also consider taking holidays together and/or trips/days out.

Lady Seeking A Lady Friend
Living near Eastbourne, lost some of my old friends, like to meet new woman for
friendship and outings. I am 68, feeling
still young and need a nice companion.

Lady Seeking A Lady Friend
Hi, i'm a 65yr old retired lady living in South Wales and i'm looking for a lady around the same age if possible to go on holidays with. I'm quite flexible as to where to go. I love traveling but find it difficult finding someone to go with. I also enjoy cruising so i'm up for that too. I am very sociable and enjoy a good laugh. If your a like minded lady, get in touch and lets book up!

Lady Seeking A Lady Friend
I am a sixty-six year old widow who would like to get to know someone similar.

I enjoy reading, walking, especially with my dog, computers. If we got on it would be nice to have someone to occasionally go on holidays with.

Lady Seeking A Lady Friend
Hi ,
I am a young at heart retired lady seeking a straight retired lady friend. Some of my interests include eating out, theatre, cinema, country walking. Meeting up for a coffee having a girly chat during a shopping spree. I am searching for a holiday companion also to enjoy trips abroad with. Please reply if your interests are similar to mine.

Lady Seeking A Lady Friend
I am a totally straight Christian lady, aged 57, but not in great health at present, so am currently unable to work, which is isolating me further. I am lacking friends with whom to socialise and enjoy chats. I love animals and my garden and am looking for a similar person to share friendship. I don't have loads of energy to do much at the moment but I have a car and can walk short distances. The days can be long with no one to talk to so if there is anyone in a similar situation, please do get in touch. I live in East Sussex.

Lady Seeking A Lady Friend
First of all Im not gay! I am looking to travel to Europe for 1 week in July 2013 and was hoping to find someone who wanted to travel with me. I would be going for 1 week, in July (before the kids summer holidays start - its cheaper)! would go from any London airport and looking to go to a hotel with pool in Spain
/Turkey?/Greece anywhere where its cheap basically. Im looking for someone who can get along with others easily and roughly about my age (50).
Look forward to hearing from you.

Lady Seeking A Lady Friend
I am looking for a friend to share a holiday i have booked to go to teneriffe preferably October or perhaps later?
I have a flight ticket but need to book accommodation the person will need to book perhaps a package would work out cheaper or consider self catering to be discussed?
I am a young 55yr old woman living in the wolverhampton area so surrounding areas?

Lady Seeking A Lady Friend
i love to go on holiday any where i h ave recently retired from work i am also widowed and free it is just a friend i need been away on my own a few times but would love company i love a laugh, music, would have a drink but it doesent bother me one bad thing i smoke but not where people dont like it

Lady Seeking A Lady Friend

Lady Seeking A Lady Friend
I'm 74 and need a good lady penfriend,I live in Bury Lancashire,I love animals,I have 2 dogs but as lovely as they are it would be nice to have a friend as well.I own a car so if the friend was near enough in time we might meet and go places together but I wouldn't push myself on anyone,I don't like pushy people really.
Hope to hear from someone soon.
Kind regards Junepat.

Lady Seeking A Lady Friend
im 63,housebound due to health ,i have no friends and am feeling very lonely sat alone all time.i enjoy,reading,jigsaws,card making,knitting,quizs,plus lots there another lonely lady out there who needs a in nottinghamshire


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